Words. Ken Burkett

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Danny has a way of making every thing around him a little bit better, or shall I say a little more fun. It may be because of his bright personality, his “go get it attitude”, or maybe just his damn laugh. Either way, Danny helped make my winter season what it needed to be. FUN. I had missed the 06 season with a pretty serious injury and vowed to come back with vengeance the next year. I rode with Danny when ever he was around throughout the season and it seemed I was having the best year ever. I learned so much just by riding with him. Mainly because it is always fun. Lets not forget the whitey tightly run, hey Danny, Snickers or Twix? The end of the season a group of us hiked up Tuckerman Ravine. By the time we got up left gully Danny and I had to keep going up. We hiked up the snow fields until we were looking down the backside of the mt. We then came upon a giant rock and felt it was a good spot to take some pics.

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