Words. Ian Stacey

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

The hardest I’ve ever laughed with anyone is Danny. That kid is a magnet for laughter. He’s not only funny, he is quick whitted, generous, talented, and not to mention can do more tricks on a down rail than i can on Shawn White Snowboarding. I once drove accross country with him, from San Diego to Conway, NH. Probably one of the most memorable 2 weeks of my life. it was pretty much fueled by 60 dirt cheap energy drinks that contained god knows what, beer, Taco Bell, followed by farts, and tons of laughter.

Because of Danny I have been able to have so many experiences, from road trips, to concerts, celtics games, and being able to wear purple and having it be cool again. Danny is a trend setter, if he tells u something is cool and starts wearing it, the next day EVERYONE has it. Danny to me is the Snowboarding worlds Chuck Norris. Danny doesn’t own a vacuum, because he will never own anything that sucks. Danny is good at EVERYTHING! It gets frustrating when u show him a game and 4 minutes later he’s beating u at it. But thats danny, always striving to be the best. He’s even a bad ass! I’ve seen this first hand (and yes I’m referring to the Mickey Don Don’s incident)

Some of the best times I’ve ever had is trading insults with Danny, Conor, and the NoCo crew. Island parties were ALWAYS a blast, even though every year the cold duck gets opened a bit early…. Sorry Ellen, but you’re always a good sport about it! I couldn’t imagine how different my life would be if Danny wasn’t a part of it. I definitely wouldn’t be wearing purple as much. But on a serious note I am very concerned for Danny and his family. we All KNOW Danny will get through this, it’s just going to take some time. I love you to Death Danny and can’t wait to spout off cheesy lines from The Fast and The Furious with you soon. To Danny’s Family who I Love and respect soo much, you know I will do anything for you guys. all u have to do is ask!

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  1. Adam Lanzilotti Says:

    Danny and I have only been friends for a few years but at this point i feel like it has been a whole lot longer than that..I dont really know where to start the kid has shown me so many amazing, crazy times in such a short period of time..So open to doing anything whether it be playing 18 holes in the pouring rain or doing laps at cranmore during vacation week with joeys everywhere and riding the same trail over and over bc this wonderful vally has a negative amount of snow…He welcomed all of us into his house whether it was on the east coast or west it didnt matter he just loved being around all his friends and sharing a good laugh…Dannys laugh…well everyone knows where i am going with that one his laugh is one of a kind just like him, a special indivdual that could do anything from crocheting you a hat to doing a 1260 on a snowboard which i still dont understand how it is even possible..Heres to Conor i have so much respect for you as well you are so devoted to everything you put your hands on thats why you two are where you guys are today total dedication…

    As much as i dont want to say it i cant wait till danny woops my ass all over the wentworth golf course agian and of course to just stand around that island and enjoy a good laugh and of course some old school nelly..

    To the entire toumarkine family my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and Danny I know all of you are strong and will make it through this tough time…Danny until we meet again Goody Twos Soooooooooooooooonnnnn!!!!!

  2. Adam Lanzilotti Says:

    sry did that wrong nicely done ian hope all is well

  3. Sean Guinard Says:

    Daniel Son, what can I say but amazing things about him.. There are only a few people I can honestly say I have never had a bad time with and he is one of them. From smothering everything in Franks Red Hot at the Island to me following him down a trail trying to do everything he does (never succeeding).. to watching a sunrise on top of Kearsarge after a night of endless laughter with the butcher from hanifords…
    He has a way of always finding the most fun activities despite the weather the location or the people he is with..Hanging out with him and Connor has changed the way I attack each day.. ALWAYS CHARGING!! He always told to me I needed to get out of Conway and do big things and getting a call from him when I did was one of the best calls I’ve ever got.. He is so unselfish and generous it was humerous at times.. Everytime we were at the island u knew when he was feeling good cause he would bring out all his new gear and toss it out to everyone saying “I prolly won’t wear that”…haha
    Danny is a kid who could do anything. He is such a natural at anything he does it is a plessure to watch. But at the same time so humble. I remember being at the Red Jacket at the water park with him and shooting hoops in the pool playing a game of horse. I think he made 15 shots in a row the last one being from half way across the park following by his one of a kind laugh..
    Danny has more drive in life than anyone I have met (connor ur a close second) he sees and conquers. His strength with carry him through this and I can’t wait to be floating down the saco sharing a cold one with him when I get home to the states!! Ellen Connor and the rest of the Fam stay strong My thoughts are with you all!! I’m half way around the world but anything you need I’m here for you! Love you Daniel Son! See you soon

  4. David Soroka Says:

    I can confirm the badassness of Mickey Don Dons

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