Words. Drew Donabedian

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

I have known Danny and Conor since I was young. Real young, young to the point of getting changed into bathing suits in front of each other by Ellen Shea, while standing naked and not thinking a single thing about it. Haha. Ok, a little weird. Point is, I’ve been lucky to know both them for this long, but we’ll keep this based on Danny (sorry Conor). Danny is a one-of-a-kind person, as you all know. He is amazing. He looks at something and he does it. He does not waste time, every move of his is made with thought and intention. Danny is made for the stars, and was made to rise with them. I could call up hundreds of memories but I wouldn’t even know where to begin, and don’t want to bore everyone. But, isn’t it amazing how someone can have this much effect on people. It is often times tragedy that brings out things like this, that never would have been addressed. The fact that it happened this way is literally soul-shaking, but the result of the oncoming support is amazing. People around the WORLD are sending their love, faith and support. What type of a person could have people from different countries who don’t even know him, send him love and support- Danny, that’s who. People who don’t even know Danny. Maybe they saw one of his videos and was like holy s#*% this kid is amazing. Or maybe they got the pleasure to meet and hear that one of a kind laugh in person. I have had countless number of people this week asking me how Danny is. Parents, Teachers from old elementary schools, people who i haven’t even spoken to in years…all reaching out for one reason, and that is to send their strength and love to Danny. That says something about what type of person it is I’m talking about right now. There will never be a replica even close to Danny and all that his life symbolizes. His athletic talent alone leaves people in awe, wanting to meet this unreal shredder who has a mean head of hair. And the quality of person he is, has resulted in this Nation-wide gathering of thousands of people and thoughts and prayers. There is only one Danny. And he will be back, but we need him back sooner. So please send your love and donations of any sort. I miss you Danny and if I could be there in the room with you I would wait there with Conor until I could see those shiny eyes open back up and hear that one of a kind laugh. Then I’d be good. Until then, I’ll pray every morning and night for you, Conor, the rest of your family, and the Shreddy Times Team. Sending all my love, and that of the entire Northeast region..we Love you Danny.

—Drew Donabedian

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