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January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Well to be honest, I don’t even know where to start. I get choked up just thinking that I am actually writing this. Danny and I met back in our college days at SNHU. Good ol’ SNHU! Danny and I took all our advertising and graphic design courses together with our good friend Matt Zajac. And yes, I first noticed DCT, because of his laugh… who doesn’t ?! Haha. Danny was always the dude who left his away message (back when AIM was cool still ) as Shreddin’. I knew Danny had a serious love for riding because that’s ALL I ever read. I was a skiier myself for many years as a kid so I had some understanding of how much one could love to ride, but none like Danny.

In 1999, I myself , decided to start snowboarding and unfortunately suffered a severe injury which left me off the mountains for almost 10 years just based on fear. My family has a condo up north at Attitash just a short drive from where Danny and Conor grew up so after college when DCT and I started chilling more I figured I might as well take advantage of the mountain again since I was driving up north so much. Danny, Zach, Tommy, Sean, Meg and I had one crazy Halloween just about 3 years ago… Danny actually has all the pictures though 😉 Right after that Halloween Danny got hurt just a few days before Christmas and it was a pretty small injury in comparison to where things stand today but it still scared the daylight out of me. Danny on the other hand just bounced back like nothing happened, like he always does.

When I started riding again I was in the midst of trying to reinvent my life by moving somewhere drastic and adventurous. Well with that being said, I currently reside in Lake Tahoe, CA just an hour or so from Conor and DCT. I always heard about this Tahoe joint but never knew anything as cool as this place existed until I stole the idea from them. Thanks guys! Granted we haven’t seen each other as much as you would think since I have lived here a year, I usually have a daily chat with Danny. Yes, most of it is because he breaks cell phones like that’s his job (kidding) but otherwise we always have a humorous conversation that keeps me going while working.

I don’t think I am the only person who sees Danny as a strong, intelligent, innovative, warm-hearted person but one thing I have been lucky enough to have is our friendship all the way from NH to CA.

Conor, even you have recently given me words of wisdom and I thank you for that ! You two together have already accomplished the unthinkable this year with Shreddy Times and it all comes down to you making things happen. Your the only person I would place right next there to DCT to get him through this. Come on Danny, make us proud and get through this!!!!! Tahoe misses you, and so do I.


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