Words. Bob Stash

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

First and foremost: You are one of the greatest people I have ever met!!! You and your brother are like no other. You have two wonderful, loving, funny, and smart parents that have raised 2 great, extreme, athletic, outgoing, full of energy, caring gentlemen! Danny you have done so many things from me, made me stickers, let me borrow ur car, brought me gas when I ran out, pimped many canoes, pimped my scooter, bring me riding, try to teach me new snowboard moves, let me stay w you in Tahoe year after year, shared your style and great music w me and most of all always entertain and make me laugh! For all that I will never be able to repay you. You have impacted my life more then most and more then you will ever know!

Here is a list of things that pop in my head when I think about YOU and Your amazing family;
Cabrewing,Finger Dancing,Tahoe,Dildo on the Forhead,Iron man,Mr Purple,Island partys,Cold Duck,KidsMGMT,Your unforgettable Laugh,Inventing Bob Stash,Almost giving Schoen (Walley) pink eye,Zacs Bday partys,Living w Tommy, Drew, and Me,Never passing up a chance to give me shit and make fun of me when I deserver it!!! 2010 US Open,Ur amazing skill and smoothness of snowboarding, One upping me and everyone else All the Time, FLIGI,The first time I went to In and Out Burger and couldn’t figure out what to order… And you said something like “come on dumbass there is only 3 options!” These are just a few of the great PG-13 memories I have of you! You are a key part to our North Conway crew and many people all over the world! If I could trade places with you I would because you don’t deserve this! You are strong and will come out fighting! Anything you need I’m there for you, Conor, Momma Ellen and Mr. T…
I Thank You for you positive influence and friendship you have always shown me over the years!
Get well soon well needed Island party coming soon!
With all my love and prays from me and my family to your!
Bob Stash

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  1. Wage Says:

    Yep, the song is untitled but that destinagion doesn’t help much when trying to refer to the song. Leonard Cohen referred to it as “That Other Blues Song” during the soundcheck before the Chicago Concert last week where it was first performed for the public. If it’s good enough for Leonard Cohen, … . Anyway, videos of all 3 distinct versions of the song can be seen at

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