Words. Ben Chase

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Donny K buddy…I’m so disappointed and so sorry to hear about your situation, but I’m also optimistic. If this were someone else I may be less inclined to be so hopeful. Like many others have already illustrated with their postings, you are the man and you do have the strength get through this.

I was cleaning out some old storage totes a few weeks ago and found dozens of photos from Jr. High and High School. I tossed most of them, but of the eight or so I kept, three of them were pictures of just you and I. At the time I didn’t really think about why I decided to stash these ones away, but I have had several days now to think about it. It really just boils down to the fact that you have been a great friend and I value all the memories we have together. One of the pictures I saved was from Keystone, Colorado; one of the five or so mountains I watched you shred on a trip with your dad our Junior year. Another was from a night we built a kicker on the front lawn of my parent’s house with a snowblower and taped towing you and Conor off it from the back of my snowmobile. From working at Zeb’s and SCR together, to cabrewing, making pimp mixes (good call Tim), working on your Blazer and on and on, to just doing anything…you can always be counted on to set the bar for having a memorable, good time. There are too many reasons past and present to not accept anything less than your full recovery. Talk to you soon man.


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