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January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Hey Conor– I just thought I’d reminisce a bit about when I met Danny and Josh Belcher.. haha. in 2001, so 10 years ago, Abby Jamie and I were in the hot tub in Nordic Villiage in met Josh. Josh was with Danny and his girlfriend of the time, I believe and someone else, I think Charlie? Anyways, I remember seeing Danny for the first time and was like hmm… kinda good looking, kind of unavailable. Bummer… But it’s true. Either way, I am girl who goes for what she wants. Granted this was so long ago, I still feel like I may be that same person. Either way, I knew when I saw Danny, there was something truly special about him. I’m not sure how we were able to reconnect but we did. And I remembered traveling back to NH to see him with Jamie, haha and your stepdad asking me to step on his back, i thought it was so strange, but just thought id throw that in there haha… and then Josh and him would come to MA sometimes too!
haha I also remember one night meeting you and him in a parking lot in Framingham and we all went back to my house and we all slept in my room! hahahah Great times.

My Jr. year of highschool, it just so happens, Danny was going to be in Florida at the same time and place I would be. I have to be honest with you, and kind of cheesy… I think I totally fell for your brother that week we were there. I couldn’t imagine not seeing him after we left, so low and behold, I invited him to come to my prom. My Junior Prom. One of the most special and important nights a girl could have and I felt so honored that He was there to spend it with me.

He always makes me laugh. He knew how to make me smile at my lowest times. He always knew when to pick up a phone and call or text. I feel so honored to know that I have Danny in my life. It wouldn’t be complete with out him for sure and I can not wait for him to wake up and know how many people truly love and care for your brother.

Conor, you were and are his hero and inspiration. He loves you dearly and I know and you know that he feels you beside him all the time. It is so important. I’d be happy to relieve you of this “job” anytime you need, I can be there. I’d fly acorss this country tomorrow to be there if you neeeded or even wanted someone there.

Thats all really for now. I have been sending Danny texts on his phone each day, so that when he wakes up he will know that I haven’t stopped thinking of him. My dad and sister send their thoughts to you and him and the rest of your family.

Love him so much… and I am so proud of how you are handling this… it is inspirational…

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