Thoughts From the Graveyard Shift

January 7th, 2011 by Conor

Danny is lying down just 10 feet away from me yet I have never felt so far away from him. Each time I gaze up over the screen I hope he might just look over at me and tell me to give him back his sweatshirt. Until then, I will wear it proudly and anxiously await the opportunity to give it back to him.

It’s hard to imagine that I have somehow become used to seeing Danny like this. He has been in the ICU for three days now but it feels like it has been three years. It’s almost impossible to believe that my life is real right now.

I no longer reside in sunny Lake Tahoe, California. I have moved to the fifth floor of Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Montana. I will be here until Danny tells me to leave.

Hearing the varied sounds that go with all the gadgets controlling his life is not something I will ever be totally comfortable with.

When I return to the snowboarding, I will have a helmet on, and will be “that guy” that tells my friends that they should have one on as well.

How in the world did this happen to MY brother?

Danny will now have wayyyyyy more badass scars than me, and he already got all the chicks.

It has been years since I have seen Danny with a shaved head. He looks way younger now.

I think that Iris, Paul, Mayo and Moss are headed back to Tahoe today. It sure has been amazing having them around. If you are lucky enough to know them or have them in your life then you already know what great people they are. Thanks you guys for being there for Danny, me and my family this week. I love you all.

I hope that Danny can somehow feel that I am in the room here with him.

Shift Change… Love you Danny.


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  1. jake ripley Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with u danny.. didn’t realize this was this serious. Kick this thing like u kick snowboardings ass! U kill it. Muchhh respect

  2. Kristin (Wallenstein) Polhemus Says:

    Danny definitely knows you are there. He can feel your energy. I bet when you talk to him, his heartrate goes up a bit. His oxygen saturation level goes up a bit as he takes in more air and his brain becomes ever so slightly more alert. And if he’s not ‘there’ yet in his healing process, he will be. From someone who has been there (and is still there) in your shoes with a family member, I am praying for you all in New Jersey! (I went to high school with Conor and Danny in NH.)

  3. Andrew Gianola Says:

    Conor I know how hard this must be for you right now. You two were like brothers to me for the longest time. I cant help but keeping thinking of the two of you over the last couple days, and I dont think that will stop until Danny is back up on his feet. Just keep leaning on your family and friends, you are lucky enough to have two great parents and a massive group of friends that spans the country. Thinking of you guys every day.

  4. Stacy Allen Says:

    Conor, I’m so sorry for what you and your parents are going through. When Kim told me, I was just stunned. I think of him everyday. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    I’m so glad you’re giving updates, although that must be hard.
    xoxo Stacy

  5. Carol Says:

    Conor, thank you so much for setting up this site.
    Your West Coast family is with all of you, every step of the way, with our prayers, our thoughts and our love.
    Stay strong sweetheart.

  6. Pat (Flynn) Sylvester Says:

    I’m a friend of your father’s and I met both you and Danny back in the early 90s in North Conway. You both made a huge impression on me, but what I remember about Danny was his sweet and caring disposition. AND that you both raced me ice skating at Schuler Park and beat me. You know my boys – Patrick and Kevin Flynn – anyway – I’ve been keeping tabs on your progress all through the years and have been happy with your and Danny’s Shreddy Times exploits and your work together. I’m so sorry about Danny’s accident and so grateful for your updates on his condition. You’ve all been on my mind since the accident and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Glad you’re staying strong, Conor; it must be hard. Hang in there. I think Danny knows you’re there, too.

  7. Taylor Wroblewski Says:

    Conor I have nothing but great memories when I think about the times I’ve spent with both you and Danny. Whether it was during the years we played Lacrosse or during the various winter trips it was always time I thoroughly enjoyed spending. I’ll never forget the time you guys rolled into Denver and crashed on my couch for a week while looking for a new truck and an RV. You both had ambitious dreams and goals and they’ve taken you to incredible places. This is not the end of the line either, if I know one thing it’s that Danny has the will to keep fighting and make it through this stronger than before. Those are just a few of the memories I have and there are certainly others but I’ll save those. We all appreciate your hard work and the updates you’re providing so stay strong and know that both Danny and you’re family are on all our minds. Love you guys.

  8. Andrew Says:

    A good friend hit a tree as well and went through similar procedures. I honestly say that he recovered very well, and I know Danny will as well. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  9. Alyssa.Hussey Says:

    Whenever I think about Danny, I think of laughing hysterically at the things he came up with, watching the first shrek movie with him and hearing him constantly repeat quotes from it, or the fact that tucked away in a box I still have saved all the notes we wrote back in Jr.High as we had class next door to each other. He has always been one of those people who can always put a smile on your face no matter the day. Its been a couple years since I have last talked to or seen Danny, but that doesn’t make the memories any less. Conor, My thoughts and prayers go out to Danny, you and your family. Although Danny might not be “there” at the moment I have no doubt that he knows you are there, and I have no doubt he hears everything you say to him. I also have no doubt that this will stop Danny from getting back up on his feet. All thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family, and especially Danny, from Virginia. (I went to School with both Danny and Conor in NH)

  10. Kevin Flynn Says:

    1L2L (with the corresponding gang/hand signs thrown up too = 1 Life 2 Live) very easy once you learn. Danny lives this motto that we lightheartedly concocted back when I got to take Ropes Course class at Kennett with the freshman. Danny and I knew each other but got closer in the time we spent pushing each other to go big or go home. For example, I jump blindfolded on to the cargo net, Danny has to climb the wall blindfolded and be the first to do it.
    This is how Danny is in my head, always striving to reach that next level and he will push you to be better and go bigger too. It’s like Danny has always lived the motto 1L2L. Reading these updates over the last few days has made me cry, I haven’t cried in years. I cried like a little child, I cannot fathom thinking of Danny being helpless at this moment. You mean there is nothing we can do??? We have to just wait and see?? Conor prob got pissed cuz the first thing I did when I saw the post was call him, probably along with 5000 other people way more important than me. So when he doesn’t pick up what do I do? text him. Sorry Conor, I was selfish but thanks for the speedy reply.
    OK ENOUGH sobby shit. Recent best memory! Open Mic night Parka. It was like a high school reunion that night, I was up in NoCo just hoping to ride for the first time this season, being a flatlander now it’s tough to get home.
    So I’m at the Parka nice and early, WTF…. A LINE!!!! Holy shit where are we New York? So I go in for a few and chilled ok it was time to go, on my way out the door there are like 30 people standing in that lil tiny hallway. And who do I see? The man, the myth, the legend, DCT. Now truth be told, I knew he was home, and knowing danny prob not likely to miss open mic night. So in actuality I was stalking him and just waiting to see him all night so I could feel cool talking to him.
    But this can’t be….. DCT waiting in line????? DO you people KNOW who you have IN THE BUILDING??? This guy is a legend, bought to bring NoCo and the MWV some fame and notoriety. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried to get him to the front but he is humble, told me to ‘Chill Bra we be shreddy right here mon’ so I said PEACE see ya on the slopes.
    Two seconds later at the 711 I stop by to pick up a few Tuck’s and who do I see??? The man, the myth, the legend, the shreddy times CEO himself CONOR!! And what the hell is Conor doing? Picking up a case of beer for the poor people waiting in line who just want to sip on a frosty one.
    Now I almost went back to stand in that line. Chill with my homies and sip on a cold one. However, my point is this. If Danny, or Conor (they are very alike) get something not to appealing dropped in their laps, THEY MAKE THE BEST OF IT because in the end, you only get 1L2L.

    Love and Prayers to all of you supporting Danny and Conor. Let’s keep up the well wishing

  11. Ashley Kellogg Says:

    Conor, when Danny gets out of this, you guys can start up a new business designing helmets. Make the best out of what is happening. —always thinking of you—

  12. Camille Says:

    This hits very close to home. Connor, you and your brother, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My son had a traumatic Brain Injury in 2009, lot less acute then your brother, nevertheless, still a TBI. He is a very fortunate kid, recovered now, and skiing again, with his helmet on. I am praying for the same for Danny!!!

  13. Cassie Workman Says:

    I don’t know Danny but pray for a full recovery. I’m a friend of his Aunt Carol in Newport Beach CA and have heard only wonderful things about Danny and Conor. I’ve been praying for Danny and his family and friends since i heard of his tragic accident . Be strong and pull through Danny!

  14. Brie Welch Says:

    Conor- I was just thinking about how many lives you both have touched in such a short time. I know there are too many people to count that are constantly thinking about you and sending you and your family prayers and thoughts of a speedy recovery. It hit me when a friend from college called me who I haven’t talked to in quite a while. Ethan Lutz called me after being suprised to hear that we all knew each other and we were talking about how much fun it is to hang out with you guys. You guys had a great season together last year and I thought it was so awesome that the skiing community is so small that there are people coming together from all over the country praying and sending happy thoughts to you and your family. I love you so much and will write again soon! Love you!

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