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More Shaved Heads for Danny

January 20th, 2011 by Conor

Everyone is trying to make Danny a little more comfortable with his new dew. Check out our latest two additions Trevor Jacob and Mike Wade.

These dudes are the Bomb. Nice work guys!

Danny Shout outs from Argentina

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

From our great friends Justi, Tito, and Ziggy down in Argentina.

Photos from Lea Rossignol

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

Positive thoughts and well wishes from Maui!

Danny Is the Bomb at the Ham

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

Many years ago, I worked with Danny at Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, NH along with his friends from high school: Ben, Ashley, Rachel, and Kristen. What a great crew that was. Danny always made you smile and laugh.

I happened to be driving past the Ham Arena in Conway, NH today to see “Danny Is The Bomb” posted on their sign. Thought you’d like to see it.

Conor and Michelle,

Thank you for keeping all of us in the loop. You’re doing something truly amazing.

Sending you and Danny well wishes, strength and courage to get through this difficult time. You are all in my thoughts.

Be well,


David Benedek -Be Strong Danny

January 19th, 2011 by Conor

Photos from Nia Chouvin

January 18th, 2011 by Conor

These are pics I took from the sailboat I work on. I haven’t stopped thinking about Danny and your whole family since I heard about what happened. I’m really happy to see that he is making progress – I’m keeping you all in my thoughts! Get shredder, homey!!!!

A Photo from Maura Garrity and SNHU friends.

January 18th, 2011 by Conor

Hey guys! Got together with a couple friends from SNHU this weekend,
and we wanted to take a pic to let Danny know we’re rooting for him!
We’re wishing him the best in his recovery and sending a HUGE thanks
to Conor, Michelle, and the rest of Danny’s family. Danny is going to
love all the hard work you guys have put into the website and keeping
everyone updated. He’s a great guy and has so many people supporting
him to prove it.. I don’t even think I know as many people as Danny
has wishing him the best! Thinking of you guys..


ps.. The pic is me, Miranda, and Ashley 🙂

Photos from Tanner Kennett

January 17th, 2011 by Conor

Hey conor sorry it has taken me so long to post anything, but i promise to slack no more. Miss you guys soooo much can’t wait to see all of you.
love tan
p.s the dog pic is strange, but hilarious, its megan credits dog Jazzy we were watching him while she was working and we decided to give jazzy a mustache with eye liner.

A Selfish Album

January 17th, 2011 by Conor

I put together a series of photos of my brother and I. It gave me an excuse to look through all the old photos that I have, in search of of some fun memories. We have spent 2 weeks in the ICU thus far, and this is certainly going to be a memory with my brother that I will never forget- but absolutely not one of my favorites. I wanted to dig up some of the fun times as a reminder that we will continue this journey sometime in the future. This is a speed bump, well, more like a land mine, but one that Danny WILL heal from. Let the adventures continue Danny.

Photo from Renae Craig

January 15th, 2011 by Conor

This picture is very special to us right now. Danny came to see Braeden the week we brought him home from the hospital. It meant a lot to us. Hope you enjoy.
Btw, we are praying. Hard. And I know God hears us, and that He is faithful. Hang in there, we are expecting good news.
Lots of Love,
Renae C.

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