Adventures with Danny

January 23rd, 2011 by Conor

I want to start off by saying sorry to Guy. Why? Well, until tonight, I thought that Guy was a really annoying waste of time and money. Tonight He was outdone. Guy makes Teal look good. Guy not only tried to conceal the usage of his phone but also occasionally got up in attempts to look busy and helpful. Guy also tactfully listened to one headphone in the ear on the far side of where I am sitting. Guy also at least looked over at Danny whenever he moved around. Teal makes no effort what-so-ever, and looks annoyed when anything beeps for fear that her perfectly choreographed level of Angry Birds might be in Jeopardy. Teal enjoys text messaging, hand held games, dinner breaks with her boyfriend and long walks in the ICU- shes a keeper! When I met Teal my expectations were not low. Guy had set the bar for job performance last night and I didn’t really think that he could be outdone.

But then I met the limp handshake/barely eyecontacting/lack of care/I wont stand up to meet you, Teal. Teal is not actually named Teal, however, similar to last night I don’t think her name is worthy of being published. I have no fear of publishing it I just don’t think she deserves the kind of media attention that Danny is the Bomb might bring her. The last thing we need are swarms of reporters waiting outside the hospital to meet this infamous Teal. She certainly means well enough I guess. She sits quietly in the corner and looks attentive every time a real person that cares comes into the room. I gave her the name teal because of her head to toe teal outfit with matching tacky purse. ALL TEAL. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Other than my noticeable frustration that we still have a babysitter things have been pretty back and fourth. Danny is happy one minute and then kind of sad the next. In general, it is not as easy to get him to laugh tonight as it was last night. I think this is something I have to get used to thought. If I was him, it probably wouldn’t take much to get my mood to sway. The staff have had to draw blood three times while I have been here in just a few hours. His asthma is tight and ALL he wants is something to eat or drink. He is still days, if not a week away from being able to do either of those things.

Breaking News, Teal just got out of her chair to pick up a fallen stuffed animal. She is now neck and neck with Guy.

I tried to have a chat with Danny again earlier but it just wasn’t the same as last night. I had to run my questions through Michelle, as she was cuddling with Danny in middle of the chat. She was also the keeper of the keyboard but I don’t think that had to do with a lack of success. Danny just wasn’t feeling it.


Danny started to have some trouble with his asthma and that woke him up. He was uncomfortable, not in trouble, just really uncomfortable. He looked over at me and gestured as if he wanted to take a hit off an inhaler. I asked him how bad it was and he motioned both hands toward his chest. We told Cindy what was going on and asked if there was anything she might be able to do. Shortly after that the doctor came in to try to ask Danny a bunch of questions and Danny was having trouble answering in any articulate way with hand gestures. I suggested that he type anything that the doctor should maybe know. He began to explain to the doctor that the felt like something uncomfortable was in the site of where the trache is. The doctor suggested a couple of different things he wanted to do. When Danny moved the mouse around one of the other windows that was up on Michelles computer came into view. There was a picture of an odd clump of hair on the floor shaped in the letters “DCT” Danny looked very very confused. He was back on Facebook!

He scrolled through all the photos with a variety of fun and confused actions. I don’t know if he can really figure out why we shaved our heads for him or not. We showed him all the albums on the facebook page and then also led him over to the website. He was mostly drawn to pictures. Very few things caught his attention but there were a few things that I thought people might find entertaining.

He actually typed in the search bar “Looks like he has lost his damn mind.”

He was entirely confused as to how he had been tagged as Drew Donabedian and laughed when I showed him the call out below his pic.

He was particularly happy when he saw this picture. He scrolled the mouse around Toms head a bunch and wrote in the search bar. “I miss Tommy J. I wish he was here.” Well, surprise surprise Danny! He will be here tomorrow night. What a random coincidence that timing is. Danny still doesn’t know that Tom is Visiting.

After looking around for a little bit he actually signed into Facebook. Danny had amassed some decent stats over the last few weeks.

Dave Soroka was the one and only person to chat with Danny. I can’t imagine how surprised Dave was. There he is in the middle of nowhere on some boat chatting with Danny. How cool is the internet sometimes?

The respiratory therapist came in to take a swab out from his lungs to bring into the lab. This caught him way way off guard. He started violently coughing and that pretty much ended the computer fun. It was a great session with Danny and I am not relaying many of the details of what happened, but sometimes we have to just keep these little laughs and details to ourselves. There is only so much that we can relay to the outside world, sometimes we have to spend the time where it really counts, and that’s with Danny.

Teal didn’t find any of these remarkable moments to be one bit interesting. She didn’t so much as show one bit of interest towards what was going on. I found her presence frustrating because she didn’t care. I am tired of having a babysitter and wish we didn’t have to have one in the first place. I hope her phone dies and she is forced to actually consider doing her job.

Another night down. Another night of weaseling back onto the graveyard shift. Can’t wait for visitors! This is out last night with just me and Danny and Michelle for awhile to come. Tom Jannuzzi arrives tomorrow and then 3 friends from Tahoe get here on Monday. Can’t wait to see you all. It has been nice to have Danny to ourselves but it will be even better to see his face with all the surprises that are headed his way- in the middle of which will be the 3rd and final brain surgery.

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3 Responses to “Adventures with Danny”

  1. annie Says:

    I am using deep breaths to prevent myself from calling up Benefis and demanding that they employ someone who CARES. What a waste of space. I won’t call because it’s not my fight but give me the go ahead and I’ll unleash my mother instinct on them. You won’t recognize their face after this tiger is done. so glad you are there Conor and Michelle. so glad to hear Danny is communicating 🙂 retracting claws now…

  2. Cathy (Brown)Surette Says:

    After being in a Boston hospital many, many times over the past 25 yrs with my husband, there is a patient advocate office somewhere on that campus. Find them and all will be changed or at least understood better. You should not have to feel this kind of energy at this time…..Sometimes the professional people we need the most become desensitized to their surrounding. After hearing your concerns, I’m certain they will help make this “babysitter” situation easier to work with. Wishing you all well.

  3. anne & bob corbett Says:

    For viewing by their “supervisors” we suggest a little undercover video of their “concern” & “professionalism”.
    Treats will be enroute shortly. But, for this dynamic duo–NO TREATS FOR THEM!

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